I am posting here once again on a holiday here. I started graduate school at no less than DLSU last month and have quite adjusted well for I am a part-time student; but the finances have taken quite a hit.

In 2019, I made some short stories (more like statements actually) intended for Filipino-American children (these also apply to Filipino immigrants’ children born abroad.) I am only publishing it now because I mistakenly thought that the web might be hypersensitive about these statements. Here you go, the first one…

We live in an age of “nothing”. Not caring, not believing, and not having faith in anything, and many more “nos” and “nots” fill our thoughts and words every moment, every day.

Like many other societies and cultures, Filipino society and culture have both been heavily influenced by outside (i.e. foreign) influences and has thus caused confusion, decay and non-sustainability of our moral traditions.

However, due to the non-assertiveness of our people towards foreigners, our moral values seem to have taken a hit and the foreigners’ values have also influenced our own values of our fellow compatriots.

With all due respect, our morals and beliefs must be protected from any outside influences to preserve the good of these for future generations.