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A long time coming…

Almost two years have passed since I last posted on any of my blogs.

First off, I graduated in April 2013. Then I went on to work, and I’m currently on my second job.

But still, my loyalty to the Crimson is still around, albeit not as much as before. (I’m still on hiatus from Basketball-U and Voy Ivy boards.)

I will post something after a few days. But first, Harvard men’s basketball, prevent Yale to sweep the Ivy on Saturday.


My 2011 Recap

2011 will go down as a so-so year for me: so many goodbyes while there were also so many welcomes as well.

January – My cousin Alpha and her mom Tita Cora came here for a month-long vacation. However, I wasn’t able to join them in Tagaytay because I had Saturday classes at that time.
February – nothing worth noting here
March – start of my obsession with my “godson” Craig (though not born yet at this time) by buying welcome gifts for him (Filipino alphabet books), celebrated Earth Hour with my organization
April – second cross-registration attempt at UP Diliman failed; my “godson” was born in Texas, USA during Holy Week. As for my academics, I ended up at my home campus, taking up Physics 72.
May – first vacation of the year (finally!) in Davao.
June – my extension started on this month; Corregidor mini-vacation
July – my lola’s 90th birthday party
August – nothing worth noting here
September – participated in the International Coastal Clean-Up along Manila Bay
October – out-of-town day trip to Gerona, Tarlac
November – first time to miss Loyola Memorial Park Marikina because I had a headache
December – I went to Manila Ocean Park and had the experience of a lifetime with the Aquanaut experience.

My long-term wishes

Since Christmas Day is tomorrow, and I have nothing to do right now except for studying, gaming and attending Simbang Gabi, here are my wishes for next year and possibly future years (in no particular order):

  1. My dad to quit smoking and never return to it for the rest of his life
  2. A trip to the U.S. with the following destinations:  Boston, New York/New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Richmond, Virginia, Appalachian Mountains area (Yes, there are Fil-Ams there), Houston, and California (San Francisco and Los Angeles areas) to fulfill my quest (both personal and genealogical) that was set way back in 1999. (Trip won’t take place until after my graduation.)
  3. A trip to Canada (Edmonton, Saskatoon, Vancouver, Toronto) to complement my U.S. trip.
  4. To finish my studies in UP Manila (I am already on my 5th year, and my adviser says that I need a sem or two of MRR extension to finish my studies.)
  5. Once I’m finished with my trip, I’ll start work in the industry and rent a condo unit in Makati or Mandaluyong or a house in Marikina.

Numbers one and four are my priority areas, though I have started planning number two.

As the semester ends…

I am feeling stressed out from all the academics. Please say good luck to me.

Welcome to my new blog!

This is a fresh start.

As the name suggests, I will write about alternative activism and I will also post about why I am such a fan.