Adamson just routed Ateneo 62-46 today for the Falcons’ first win over Ateneo since 1997. Why so long (29 games) even with two consecutive 0-14 records of Adamson in the early 2000’s sandwiched in between?

On the other hand, since I followed the UAAP seriously in 2007, I have never cheered for the Fighting Maroons in ANY sport. I cheer for the DLSU Green Archers (until this season), the UST Salinggawi (Cheer Dance Competition), and any team with a winning record that can beat Ateneo (i.e. the case of Adamson this year).

The last time UP won it all was in 1986, the first year DLSU was in the UAAP. It has been nearly downhill for UP since then, even during the year DLSU was suspended (2006), UP was still languishing in the cellar along with NU, who only re-emerged last year (the last time NU was in the Final Four was 2001.)

Here are my reasons why I dislike the Blue Eagles:
1. They are the arch-rivals of the Green Archers.
2. Some of their talent is overrated. (That’s why they lose, right?)

As for the Salinggawi, I started cheering for them because of their 5-peat in the CDC (2002-2006). However, they haven’t been able to return to their previous glory since then (two second-place finishes, one third-place finish, one finish not even in the top 3).

UP can be comparable to the HBCU’s* of the US NCAA. Both sets of programs don’t have enough athletics budget to stay competitive in the sports that are very popular in their respective areas (i.e. men’s basketball and women’s volleyball here, basketball and American football there). Also the alumni of both programs aren’t helping enough to support their athletic programs. However, UP remains in the top half of the general championship standings of the UAAP due to their performance in non-televised sports (e.g. football [soccer]).

What is the secret of Ateneo and La Salle’s programs? It’s the talented coaches of both, strong alumni support and the huge funding of both programs (in addition to the historical significance of their rivalry). Adamson has strong coaches who can recruit great talent, but with weak alumni support, they aren’t going to be there on top for long. 😦

*Historically Black Colleges and Universities