Two days ago, the sports world was almost shocked by UNC Asheville going neck-and-neck with Syracuse for most of the game, before atrocious officiating did them in. Yesterday, the sports world received a shock when two #15 seeded teams (Norfolk State and Lehigh) sent a Final Four favorite (Missouri) and a perennial postseason contender (Duke) home. Now as I finally publish this poem, because of these two upsets, of the 15+ million brackets for this year in the Web, every bracket’s busted. 😦

A Busted Bracket
When you’ve put one of the top-seeded teams
To go far in the tournament
But every now and then
They get upset by lesser opponents
Which means that your bracket has been “busted”.

It’s part of the drama of the obsession
That is called the “March Madness” for a reason
In which people go crazy about college basketball
And may forget about other sports going on as well.

Many get their brackets set before the tip-off
Of the game that will start it all
That is called the First Four
But few, if any, get the bracket accurately correct
All because of the upsets that happen.

By the time the Final Four comes into play
Very few brackets have survived the beating
And what if it’s full of upsets along the way
The chances of winning may dip all the way down to zero.

What if your bracket is part of the majority?
Everything’s ruined, every plan is gone in a flash
But that’s part of life
And we’re playing this in our hands,
Just like a game of chance.

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