Over the past few years, I have been busy with work and other stuff, hence I haven’t been able to produce as much creative output as I used to during my student days.

During periods of dark times such as of the world we are currently living in, I am in a mostly neutral stance, since I am aware that we only live temporarily in this world, and a place that is better off is not so far away, but we can only access it if we obey God and Jesus Christ and if we are allowed entry to Heaven. It was inspired by a recent Guidelines commentary. (January 2017 edit: added the link to the specific commentary.)

I have had tried to find any images regarding my stance, but I haven’t been able to find a single appropriate image, so I decided to make not only one, but two similar ones. They are┬ámore suited for a profile picture, but I can make a similar one for a timeline cover photo if requests are many. In addition (as of January 2017), I have also created a variation, this time involving the ancient Christian symbol of a fish outline. It is below the original image, the one with the cross superimposed on the text “I Stand at the Extreme Center”, which the variation also has the same text in the foreground.

See the pictures below the Creative Commons notice to check them out for yourself. Don’t forget to flattr me if you like it.

Creative Commons License
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The original image that I designed (the cross superimposed on the text)


Variation: the ancient Christian symbol of a fish outline (Ixthus or Ichthus) superimposed on the text.