Traditional activist methods used by the youth and adults alike include literal protests or strikes, holding rallies, and the like. But these days, their calls usually fail to be heard by the government, that’s why I prefer alternative activism.

Whenever there is a concern that can only be taken into action by putting that concern into focus, I push for alternatives, such as:
-For enforced disappearances: declaring them legally dead so that closure can occur among their families
-For the Philippine budget cuts: encouraging philanthropy among the upper-class, the private sector and the alumni abroad.
-Justice for : Immortalize them on a memorial website such as creation of a website in his/her memory or on Find A Grave.
-Losing records in my own school: I prefer other sports in other countries or other teams in the same or different league in this country. (In my case, I cheer for Letran in the NCAA and Harvard in the US NCAA despite not having relatives who studied or worked there; also my obsession with DLSU fits the bill as well)
-Campaigns to support such concerns above: I usually don’t follow these; instead I stick to my profile picture or I have a ready-made profile picture that I use whenever I see such protests coming (The profile picture features PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii controllers beside each other)

I hope you understand my peculiar situation, that’s why I created this blog to give the world my own opinion on some issues.