Background: I went on vacation to Boracay at the end of April 2012 and based on my experiences there, I wrote the poem once I was back in Manila. I have learned from this vacation that a beach vacation, wherever that is, is often and sometimes always an unforgettable experience.

I miss life on the beach
Where the drags of our normal life are forgotten
And we think of paradise
As it is meant to be.

Why we need to go on vacation
Varies widely among persons.
But the common reason is that
We have all been stressed out from life
In one way or another
And we need a way to get away from it.

On the beach, we unwind,
We have left to ourselves
The opportunities that abound
On the shore and out.

But most people’s lives on the beach
Have to unfortunately end
After a time of enjoyment.
Yet many unforgettable vacations
Of people around the world
Are on the beach, and it won’t change.

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