It’s a long time coming since my last post, and I have been busy in all sectors of my life in the interim. To my memory, I haven’t posted any non-sports related posts on any of my blogs in a long time. Although some of the posts here are related to sports, none of them are related to what I’ll discuss here.

For a long time, ever since I returned home from my first vacation, a one month U.S. trip involving both the West and East Coasts back in May 1999, I have been obsessed with the U.S. and its culture and history, extending to some extent to politics, but generally, the Philippines’ political climate mirrors to that of the U.S.’, hence I haven’t extended my obsession to politics. Next year, I will hopefully come back there, this time with different travel companions, but still involving family.

In 2002, I became obsessed with a Manila-based Catholic university, De La Salle University, whose colors are green and white. The obsession reached its peak in the years 2005-2007, when I was applying to colleges during that time and I declared in February 2005 that I set that university as my first choice of college. (Sadly, I didn’t end up there in 2007, but even today, due to its better-quality athletics program, I am still obsessed with that school.)

Finally, this last obsession that I’ll describe has an unknown time of origin. Its broad topic is about how Filipinos adapt to cultural changes abroad, but I’ll focus on one aspect: that of male circumcision as a passage to manhood. It is a long-standing tradition in Filipino culture, but I have been curious how Filipino parents abroad adapt to the cornucopia of cultural changes in the country that they settle in. However, from my findings (i.e. interviews with parents that give birth there), their stand as to if they would come back home will determine how they will adapt to the changes. If they will not come back, they will usually have their sons circumcised right away at the hospital; but if they plan to do come back, they will wait for the “right time”, usually ten to twelve years.

I do have more curiosities and obsessions than these three described above, but the three that I selected all have significance for my mindset in some aspects.